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Washington Cigar Rollers

Places in Washington like Seattle are known for having the best coffee in the world, but they’re also great places for cigar roller events. Washington is a state that’s full of both scenic nature and trendy cities with lots of fun attractions to visit. Spokane’s Riverfront Park is home to Spokane Falls, a site not to be missed, and Bellevue has several beach parks like Chism Beach for a day of sun and swimming. After enjoying a day of breathtaking nature at one of Washington’s outdoor attractions, the perfect way to end the day is with a cigar rolling session with friends. Legends of Fire, a sports lounge at Northern Quest Resort & Casino in the Spokane area, is a great place to unwind with fine cigars and drinks. In Washington, the places to host fabulous cigar roller parties are just as endless as the amazing outdoor sights.

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Washington Cigar Rolling Events

Spend all Saturday morning and afternoon on a tour of Seattle, visiting fascinating museums like the Living Computer Museum and the Center for Wooden Boats. Then end the day with awesome food and cigars at Rob Roy, a chic cocktail lounge in the Belltown neighborhood with fantastic drink selections and music. Treat yourself and friends to a night of excitement and games at Snoqualmie Casino near Seattle, then continue the fun with a cigar roller party at Lit Cigar Lounge in Snoqualmie. At this lounge, you can enjoy access to a walk-in humidor and a vast menu of fine liquor and wines to choose from. For any occasion, CF Cigars is there to create a phenomenal cigar rolling experience for you and your friends.

Cigar Servers

Having professional cigar servers at your Washington cigar roller events will give them a memorable upscale flair. Our cigar servers are always up to date on the composition, strength, and varieties of cigars, so they are a terrific way for guests to learn how to identify and enjoy the best cigars. Cigar servers can also show guests how to visually examine and judge a cigar on its color and scent. CF Cigar servers will warmly interact with your guests and teach them about how to cut, light, and experience cigars with the right techniques to get a full taste of the cigar lifestyle.

Premium Tobacco

To have the ultimate cigar rolling experience, the cigars must be made of genuine filler. CF Cigars are finely crafted pieces imported from the Dominican Republic through major cities like Seattle. They attract cigar buffs around the world who appreciate the painstaking technique and detail that go into rolling fine cigars. Our Dominican-made cigars are made with pure tobacco leaves that give them their arresting aroma and flavor. After wrapping up a big project, celebrate with your coworkers with a cigar rolling party at Seattle’s Wakefield Bar, which boasts an attractive selection of craft cocktails and great music for a fun night.