Washington Cigar Roller Events

Our Master cigar rollers bring Washington cigar rolling events to life by creating a sophisticated atmosphere while demonstrating the art of cigar rolling. Event planners diligently manage these events to ensure smooth execution. Our event planners and coordinators also work hard to make sure that your event package is adequate for the occasion and any preferences you specify. At CF Cigars, we work with you to cover every possible detail that can impact into your cigar roller event, from the correct cigar types and wine pairings to special requests for cigar rollers.

Washington Cigar Rolling

Washington has a myriad of venues throughout the state that can accommodate cigar roller events of any size. The luxurious Four Seasons Hotel in Seattle has over 10,000 square feet of event space with incredible views of Elliot Bay and Puget Sound. This space includes one entire floor of function space and a 4,490 square foot ballroom. The upscale Davenport Grand Hotel in Spokane offers an unbelievable 63,177 square feet of meeting space and amenities, in addition to over 18,000 square feet of ballroom capacity. At large events like weddings and corporate banquets, we can supply as many as two cigar rollers to provide a superb cigar experience for you and your guests. If cigar servers are included in your package, efforts will be made to ensure that a sufficient amount of servers is available to work at your event. Fill out our contact form to get a quote for your next Washington cigar roller event.

Cigar Rollers Info

Cigar rolling time, cigar strengths, and servers are some of the customizable features in a CF Cigar roller package. The durations of cigar rolling demonstrations depend on the event types. For small events with less than 400 attendees, for example, cigar rollers usually work 2-hour sessions. Graphic artists design the cigar bands that cigar rollers place on cigars; these bands can be personalized with colors, dates, or logos to mark occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. A special package option to include is a cigar host, who will engage guests in mini cigar lessons and assist them with cutting and lighting cigars.

Grade A Cigars

CF Cigars are all foreign-made, Grade A cigars made in high standard factories in Santiago, Dominican Republic. The cigars imported and sold in local cigar stores are of the same caliber as that of CF Cigars offered at Washington cigar roller events. Our cigars are of the best quality and amuse even the most refined palates of top cigar aficionados.