Washington Cigar Servers

The presence of cigar servers at your Washington cigar roller event will upgrade your soiree from dull to spectacular. Throw a birthday cigar rolling party at the exclusive Vertigo Club in Seattle. At this private luxury cigar club, you and your guests can be served by professional cigar servers while lounging on posh leather sofas. With cigar servers tending to guests, cigar rollers can focus on carefully rolling cigars instead of being distracted by people waiting at their tables. Our CF Cigar servers are skilled and attentive, making sure that guests are at ease and are being properly served.

Cigar Server Style

CF Cigars has a team of male and female cigar servers who will give your cigar rolling event a classy ambiance that guests will remember. As the client, you can request only male or only female servers for your Washington cigar roller functions. Many clients, for instance, prefer having female cigar servers only for their parties to give their events an early 1900s feel reminiscent of Prohibition clubs of the 1930s. For events like bachelor or bachelorette parties, clients also commonly request only male or female servers. Male or female, our cigar servers are always polished in formal attire for your cigar roller party.

Cigar Expertise

Cigar servers at Washington cigar roller parties not only serve cigars, but they also provide guests with personalized cigar experiences. Our servers have impressive cigar knowledge and will enrich your guests with insightful facts about cigars and cigar rolling. Our cigar servers are very learned in the composition, characteristics, and types of cigars in the cigar world. They can show guests how to properly draw a cigar, and they can also discuss the various classes of cigars from different regions in the world.

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At CF Cigars, we want you to get the most out of your cigar rolling party as you, your family and friends enjoy our premium Dominican cigars. That’s why we offer our clients customized packages that include essentials and special options to your particular liking. We will work with you to accommodate anything from flavored cigars to special cigar gift packages that will have your guests raving about your party. Fill out and submit a contact form to get started today.Click Here Contact Form.