Washington Premium Cigars

At Washington cigar roller events, our master cigar servers create Dominican cigars with only the finest filler. The core interior, or filler, of our cigars is made with authentic Dominican tobacco, while the outer covering, or wrapper of each cigar, is made with either Connecticut Shade wrapper or Ecuadorian leaf wrapper. Both types of wrappers are highly requested for their flavorful taste.

Premium Cigars

Our cigars are incomparable in every area from composition to aroma. Guests at cigar roller events enjoy cigars filled with impeccable blends of Dominican Ligero and Seco tobacco filler. Mild to medium-bodied cigars are wrapped in Connecticut Shade wrapper, a popular cigar wrapper. Connecticut shade wrappers are grown on Connecticut farms in strictly-controlled environments to create a unique, blemish-free golden brown color adored by cigar enthusiasts. Mild to medium-bodied cigars are suggested for cigar novices, while full-bodied cigars are more appropriate for experienced cigar lovers. Our full-bodied cigars are wrapped in Ecuadorian-made Maduro wrappers, which are more fermented than Connecticut Shade wrappers and in effect give a much more full-bodied flavor.

Dominican Tobacco

At CF Cigars, we stand behind the quality of our Dominican tobacco cigars because they are made in factories with standards surpassing those of local small business cigar manufacturers. Our cigars are made in Santiago, Dominican Republic, and the grade of cigars provided at our cigar roller events match that of cigars imported and sold in local Washington cigar bars. Foreign-made, Dominican cigars are superior to locally-made cigars because the small businesses making local cigars tend to add tobacco scraps into the final cigar products. This practice weakens the purity and flavor of the cigar. Also compromising the quality of local cigars is the “shorting” of filler that is often done. Shorting is purposely not filling cigars to capacity, which saves local cigar makers in manufacturing costs at the expense of the composition and taste of the cigars.

Personalized Cigars

Washington cigar roller events not only leave attendees with touching memories, but they can also leave guests with special mementos. Clients can customize their orders of premium cigars to suit their particular preferences for cigar type, flavor, and strength. CF Cigars offers a wide range of cigars that include many selections for light-, medium- , and full-bodied choices, as well as gourmet flavored cigars composed of Dominican Ligero Long filler and Connecticut Shade wrapper. Blended into all CF Cigars as the dominant leaf in tobacco fusions, Ligero leaves come from the center of the tobacco plant and provide cigars with a distinct, full-flavored taste. Cigar savants have a broad array of choices for cigar size, ranging from modest sizes of 5 ¼ ” x 42 like the Corona, to larger sizes like the Toro cigar at 6 ½ ” x 54. CF Cigar customers can also add unique touches to their cigars by having custom-designed cigar bands that feature personal initials and inscriptions.